Zeleni svet (The Green World) and solutions for gardeners

Gardening information is often scattered and complex. Many gardeners believe that the rules of working in the garden are known only to experienced gardeners. Gardeners also have trouble buying products to use in the garden. In most cases the food we buy in stores is not grown organically. We believe that anyone can learn to garden in an organic way.

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The vision and solutions offered by Zeleni svet

We provide easy access to gardening content on a national level. Zeleni svet is currently the largest gardening website in Slovenia. Our free news help both beginners and experienced gardeners. Many articles and videos support the transition to self-sufficiency with healthy food we can grow in our house or garden.

We believe that anyone can learn to garden in an organic way. We are aiming to raise the level of self-sufficiency throughout the country and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

We help with informed purchases of products and plants that can be used and planted in the backyard garden. We promote quality and innovative products, the offer is current throughout the year and is not strictly seasonal.

Our main area of expertise is the vegetable and fruit garden, at the same time we are also the right address for questions about the ornamental garden and any general information about gardening.

We have been cooperating with leading experts in the field of horticulture and fruit growing for many years thus exchanging horticultural knowledge. We are also present on TV, radio and various magazines on a regular basis.

Home grown food produce should be accessible to anyone who wants to garden. By gardening in the kitchen garden, backyard garden, terrace, atrium or balcony, we contribute to the health of the Earth, our children, family members and friends with whom we share the surplus of the crop.

 Zeleni svet team

An Agronomist with a degree, a gardener among friends. During my working hours, I am the head of Zeleni svet  web portal. Slovenian gardeners have been following me on radio, television, the internet, and in local and leading Slovenian horticultural magazines for many years. You can also meet me at gardening workshops and lectures, where I advise all gardening lovers.

I have been sharing practical gardening experiences with gardening enthusiasts since 2001. Strong will, a firm spine and a sharp ax are my basic tools. As self-employed, I create content on Zeleni svet web portal, where I put creative ideas into practice. I spend most of my free time with my family, in my vegetable garden, observing nature, hiking, cycling and hanging out with friends.

Designer and developer of web solutions with diverse interests. At Zeleni svet, I make sure that the website operate smoothly and take care of a pleasant design, the preparation of videos, assistance in the development of new products and modern online approaches.

In the past, I have developed some online solutions where I have gained valuable experience. I also gained knowledge of marketing and search engine optimization. Under the mentorship of Davor, I have already conquered many gardening secrets. In my free time, I like to study, hang out with friends, dance the swing, play music, ride a bike or ride a motorbike and explore new places.


At the beginning of our business journey, we started with the idea that online advice is available to everyone for free. We create news for gardeners to help both beginners and experienced gardeners.

Read useful tips on our home page and educate yourself with the help of educational video content. We invite you to visit and like our Facebook page, which is proof that we are sailing in the right direction.

– Greetings from the Zeleni svet team